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The Kaupapa Maori Navigation Services can help you or a whanau member with: 

  • an existing ACC claim

  • lodging an ACC claim

  • understanding the supports and services you can get from ACC

Click below to refer yourself or whanau member


Our Kai Cupboard has distributed over 3000 meals and this has doubled since Covid 19.  Call our service if you need assistance.  There is criteria on receiving support however we will do our best to help. 


We have got great doctors available for you and your family to visit.  For enrolled patients this service could cost as little as $2 per week.  Check out how you can access our awesome services today.


Everyone of our nurses are passionate about the work they do.  Every practice has access to wonderful nurses.  As an enrolled patient this can be accessed by completing our enrollment for today.


This is a free, fun, 8 week programme for whanau with lung problems (COPD, Asthma etc). It is run by physiotherapists, nurses, doctors & other kaimahi. Help with transport & oxygen needs is available. Tea/coffee/water is provided. Find out more or refer yourself, whanau, or a patient. Contact: 0800-367-942; 02718002391;


Many children in New Zealand need that extra support while they are in care.  We provide time out and accommodation for children and parents or care givers


Covid-19 has made huge changes to Auckland, New Zealand and around the world.  We have worked on the front line to keep our people safe


With our Community Connectors we are able to support those individuals who have been affected by Covid 19 and have for some reason been displaced because of the loss of employment.  Our Community Connectors are able to connect you with services that get you work ready and support you through challenging times.  There is also support for things like drivers license, birth certificates, job readiness, car registrations and warrants, food parcels, individual counselling, Drug and Alcohol Counselling and Family Violence Support. 

This services is supported by MSD and Whanau Ora.


We have been able to verify and sign documents requiring a Justice of the Peace.  Call our service to see if we have one available.  We do have JPs available at some of our sites across the country and this service us free to the community.  Please be advised that our JP's work Monday to Friday working hours.  Please email your requests.


Sometimes our most vulnerable whanau need extra help and our mental health support workers can assist you and or your whanau member.  We have weekly support groups for Men and Women and this is usually between one hour a week over a 6-15 week period.  Please inquire as the programmes we have start at various times of the year.  We also have one on one sessions for whanau as well.  


We have got very experienced counselors who work with whanau and or one on one clients.  They provide a confidential services for you and your whanau. We do have funding for parts of our counseling however if you fall outside this criteria there maybe a charge incurred.  Please speak to our counselors about this before you start.  


We have work placement advisors who can assist those with short to long term disabilities to secure work or prepare them for work.  We also have employment brokers who can assist those who require employment. We can also assist those who have around 2 years left at school before they need to seek employment. If you need assistance to find work or be work ready please contact some of our staff to assist you.  This service is free to engage with.
This service is supported by MSD and MOE.


Every person who requires a personal alarm can now have the opportunity to be assessed by one of our certified NevaAlone Personal Alarm officers who can come out to your home and work through our assessment sheet.  This should take up to 3 days and would need certification from your own Doctor.  The NevaAlone Personal Alarm will give you and your whanau peace of mind that ambulance, police or whanau can be contacted.  This service is monitored by ADT and supported by MSD.   


PARTNERING WITH CIRCLE K, Provide service to all our community across Tamaki Makaurau - Auckland, Te Taitokerau Northland and Otautahi - Christchurch. To receive support during isolation call us on Kai Whānau Ora 0800 367 942 or email Kai Whanau Ora operates a super market through the Circle K franchise and has established dairies in West Auckland and soon supporting communities in Northcote, Glen Innes and South Auckland. This has been supportive to whanau during community isolation. We have worked with over 1000 people a week who have had to isolate due to having covid or coming in close contact with someone with covid. This 

PARTNERING WITH NZ POST & KIWI BANK, we are excited to have New Zealand Post, Kiwi Bank and Pt Chev Stationary as part of our organisation serving our people. This is a NZ Post Kiwi Bank and Stationary franchise and will be able to help us build strong relationships with our people and provide extra support for Whānau. We want to make it easier to connect with our community who need that extra assistance in banking, post and stationary requirements. For more information call Save Whānau Ora on 0800 367 942 or email or  

PARTNERING WITH SPORTS INJURY CLINIC, our Sports Injury Clinic is among the leading sports injury clinics for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehab of sports injuries and muscle related problems. We are based at our Northcross site (950 East Coast Road on the North Shore)and at Netball North Harbour courts in Northcote. We are proud to provide some of the highest quality physio and sports medicine care in New Zealand and have worked hard to become a centre of excellence in the treatment and prevention of netball related injuries. We also provide a variety of services from basic first aid, strapping services, full physio care to complex injury management. For support regarding your injury contact Sport Injury at Whānau Ora Physio Ph: 0800 367 942.

PARTNERING WITH TAMARIKI ORA, we are soon opening a purpose built 120 child early childhood centre based in West Auckland. With a $5m build it will enable Tamariki between the ages of 3 months and 6 years the opportunity to receive great learning and education support during the most important time of a child’s development. We also have Home based education that allows Whānau to learn in their own home aged 3 months to 3 years. Tamariki - Child success matters to our team. We have experienced and qualified staff to work with your children in West Auckland and also within our home based service in South Auckland. For more information contact our educators on 0800 367 942 or email 

PARTNERING WITH MR. WHIPPY, brings happiness to our clients one serve at a time and has been a popular addition to many events we have participated in over the past year. We have attended community events like vaccination days, sports events and concerts and more. We are excited to now have Mr Whippy part of our organisation. Mr Whippy is available for hire for any occasion across South Auckland including birthdays, weddings, sporting events, festivals and corporate functions. Call us today on 0800 367 942 or email

PARTNERING WITH SPEEDY SIGNS, Speedy Signs Kingsland provides sigange, big or small, to those around the Kingsland area. Peter has a great team working with him, including Greg and Stefan, Jayden & Logan in Production, and Sales Account Manager Jake. Peter and his team deliver the highest possible standard on every project time and time again. Here at Speedy Signs in Kingsland, we are committed to providing you with a level of customer service second to none, our aim is to make your sign purchase as easy as possible. We use the latest technology and the highest quality products to produce your custom signs. You can rest assured you will be receiving the best service in the Auckland CBD & fringe suburbs Eden Terrace, Mt Eden, Kingsland & Auckland Central suburbs.

PARTNERING WITH BASE FM, Base FM, is our local radio station residing in Kingsland, known for helping up and coming artists have a voice on the airwaves. Commonly playing Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae, Base FM provides a platform for new and veteran artists to showcase themselves and their talents. With over 50 DJs playing their own sound we have the premiere DJ talent across Tamaki Makaurau.

House Whanau Ora

The Whanau Ora Community Clinic has assisted well over 250 people a year in to emergency, temporary or permanent housing within Tamaki Makaurau, Kaeo, Kaikohe and Christchurch.  We have a 17 bed facility in Kaikohe that can accommodate up to 17 families short term, we are able to provide short term cabins to be placed on whanau whenua and allow whanau to organise a payment plan to own these cabins, we have an 8 bedroom emergency facility based in Auckland to support up to 12 week placements and we are looking at developing 40-2 bedroom apartments for whanau who require temporary accommodation with wrap around support.  If you need assistance to get into housing we maybe able to assist you today.




We used the free Lawyer which The Whanau Ora Community Clinic has and that saved us time and concern

Megan - Child Care Issues

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