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A hub of healing

A south Auckland-based primary health care provider is being asked to change its name by the Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency, which says it is being intentionally misleading and ‘playing off’ its name.


The Whānau Ora

Whanau Ora Community Clinic delighted that Whanua Ora Commissioning Agency has dropped the injunction application


‘misleading’ use of Whānau Ora

Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency chief executive John Tamihere said he was preparing a cease and desist order he will send to Ngatai and the Whānau Ora Community Clinic over its use of the name.

Welcome to The Whanau Ora Community Clnic



Come and get tested to help us reduce levels

Needing more testing done in Auckland

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Pacific wellbeing a priority as Auckland remains in level 4

Some more fantastic stories involving The Whanau Ora Community Clinic and our amazing team!

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Get tested! 

Needing more testing done in Auckland
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Maori-run vaccination centres moving the dial

The Whānau Ora Community Clinic in Wiri was open until almost 11pm last night testing for COVID-19, and it’s open again today.

Chief executive George Ngatai says it’s also reopening its vaccination site in Takanini on Saturday, once it has beefed up staffing so it can deliver more than 700 shots a day.

He says a strong Māori presence is the best way to get Māori testing and vaccination numbers up.

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Covid 19 coronavirus Delta outbreak: Passion Bakery owner - a location of interest - turned away at Northcote after waiting all day for a test

Whānau Ora community clinics director George Ngatai, speaking from the Northcote centre, said he was sympathetic to those who had waited hours for testing and those who had been turned away.

He said his staff aimed to treat everyone equally and get through as many people as possible.

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New Māori-led Covid-19 vaccine clinic opens in Christchurch

A Covid-19 vaccination clinic, run by Māori health provider Whānau Ora Clinics, has opened at Christchurch's Ngā hau e Whā National Marae.

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Maori Health Authority Great For Whanau Ora

The Director for The Whanau Ora Community Clinic is pleased by this morning’s announcement of major reforms to the healthcare system, including the establishment of a long-awaited Māori Health Authority and believes that Whanau Ora should be considered as a way forward. 
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Testing station in Auckland suburb where Covid-19 case visited wants bigger turnout

The Auckland testing station in the suburb where a person with Covid-19 visited is urging more people to come along for a test.

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Covid-19: Christchurch Māori-led vaccination clinic unlikely to open until mid-June

Whānau Ora Community Clinics, which operates a medical centre at Māori social services agency He Waka Tapu, proposed a vaccination clinic at the city’s national marae in Aranui, Ngā Hua e Whā, about a month ago.
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Community invited to Christmas Day lunch in south Auckland - 2017

A free Christmas Day lunch is being staged in south Auckland for people who can't afford to host their own.

It's organised by Raewyn Bhana, who manages the Safer Aotearoa Family Violence Prevention Network and Whanau Ora Community Clinic.

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